3 things to keep in mind for Country Kitchen Designs

country kitchen designs

The usual country kitchen designs that you might be used to have gotten a little bit of an upgrade lately. They are going to use textures a lot more than your obvious rooster or floral silhouettes. Overall the entire style is just going to be a lot chicer.

One way to accomplish this look on a budget is with distressed painted finishes. This is also where you need to use the most restraint. This palette can get out of hand when you try and use all different versions of paint; one on top of the other. Instead, either stick within the same color family or just go with a glaze.

You can also count your natural wood tone as part of your color palette if you do choose to use a different top coat and you want to do a little bit of sanding. Of course distressing is going to be different every time you do it so it can look a little bit messy on your cabinetry. Instead, you can try it out on just small pieces of artwork or furniture.

French Country Kitchen Themes

French country kitchen themes aren’t going to be quite as harsh looking as say your typical French style themes. It’s going to use more rustic elegance and brighter colors for a cherry effect. However, it’s still going to have all of that style that the French are known for.

You’re going to need to get a granite countertop that works within this theme. Ceramic tile used to be very popular in this theme and sometimes it was even in a classic white and blue pattern.

Stay away from this cliche and invest in an elegant natural stone that works with lots of other themes and can even help you when you go to sell your home later on. Tie this brown tone in with a hearty antique farmhouse-style table or island. Then add the color into your room with upholstered bar stools. White walls with a stucco texture or plaster effect create that true rustic feeling.

How to Decorate a Country Kitchen

Country kitchens are warm and inviting. They use a lot of reclaimed pieces; especially if you want the look of a farmhouse kitchen. However, you can still really do this look on a budget.

Find ways to salvage the floor that you already have. This could just be a wood floor that has seen better days. You could paint a checkerboard pattern on it. However, lately, we’re seeing wood floors just painted in one color; but be aware of the upkeep.

Painted cabinetry is also popular in this design style. You can even paint your island in a different color like turquoise. This will give the room more of a feeling that it’s just been decorated over time like a country kitchen really would have been.

You can also go with pretty daring paint colors like mustard yellow if you know how to make it elegant. This requires glaze. Plus, you need to use it in a very contained area such as on your wooden barstools.

Accessorizing a Country Kitchen

Country kitchens have become a lot more sleek and modern in the past few years and you can even find this style in a breakfast nook. They even have stainless steel appliances in them. Plus, since the layout of homes is different now you need to be aware of how this will affect your décor. It used to be that your kitchen could be a different theme than the rest of your house because galley kitchens were mainstays and they were closed off. However, now with open floor plans, you need to just make sure that it blends.

One direction that you can go in is going to be more vintage and practical. These could be old cookie cutters that you can turn into wall art, or you can just display beautiful copper pots. We’re seeing items placed a lot more just on one wall to create a focal point. Otherwise, when it’s scattered around the room it just reads as clutter. This is a sleeker way to store and display a lot of different items.

You want to accessorize with collections instead of themes. This means looking for tin pails or pottery that all match. China also works if you want functional pieces. This is different than a lot of the cutest accessories that used to be popular.

There are several ways that you can get this look for less. The first is going to be scouring thrift stores and garage sales for true vintage pieces. This is going to add a lot more weight and importance to the china that you already have because it breaks up the set.

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