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Are electric blankets safe for kids?

Are electric blankets safe for kids?

It is that point of year once more wherever you will be eager to bring out your winter quilt and blanket to stay cozy and heat. electric blankets have massively improved over the previous couple of years, with safety options being enforced, quicker heat-up times, and diluent wires. Electric blankets square measure currently admired by several and thought of to be a staple for the fall and winter months. With this in mind, several people wish to be able to keep their kids as comfortable and warmer on the colder nights, however, worry that an electric blanket can be unsafe for his or her kid to use. to place your mind relaxed here’s everything that you just have to be compelled to confine mind once deciding whether or not you would like to shop for an electric blanket for your kid to use…one of the foremost common queries we are asked is whether or not electric blankets are safe for kids to use. In short, yes, they are safe. however, there are some things to know about before shopping for an ideal electric blanket for your child.

How old is your child?

It goes while not oral communication that electric blankets ought to never be used for kids and that we solely advocate victimization them for kids World Health Organization area unit age 5+. It is additionally necessary to notice that if your kid is vulnerable to wetting the bed, electric blankets don’t seem to be safe for him. However, if your kid is desiccated through the night and is aged 5+, an electric blanket is going to be the proper addition to his bed to stay him warm through the night!

What is his/her maturity level?

are electric blankets safe for kids?

All kids are not the same, you recognize your kid more than someone else, thus use your finding on this one. though you will be able to manage the electric blanket for him by mistreatment the controller, it might be good for him to know exactly how the controller works just in case that comes to be too hot or cold throughout the night approaches, He will change the setting himself. Either way, your kid must be mature enough to not play or fiddle with the blanket so it remains in good condition and thus, absolutely safe!

Safety Features

Electric blankets were once thought-about to be risky, For heaps of people, one among their main issues closes shopping for their kid an electrical blanket is that the thought of getting it on high heat all night and forgetting to switch the blanket off. These days, electrical blankets have safety options as normal, most electrical blankets are designed with these worries in mind! With multiple heat settings and timers to decide on from, you’ll turn the warmth setting all the way down to low as your kid sleeps or even switch it off altogether when it is heated the bed. The timer settings permit you to line the blanket to power off when an exact quantity of your time. this will permit you to own peace of mind that your kid can sleep safely and well, while not having to stress concerning the basic cognitive process to show the blanket off yourself. however, we tend to suggest that you just do your analysis to make sure you are obtaining the safest attainable blanket for your kid. Many electric blankets are considered to possess an associate degree automatic overheat hindrance option and a cut-off timer. this suggests that the blanket is unable to overheat, that intelligibly is one amongst the most important fears that parents have once it involves electrical blankets and their kids. The cut-off timer can close up the blanket if it is been left longer than the mentioned precautions of the product (usually when nine hours). The cut-off feature offers you peace of mind closes your kid forgetting to switch the blanket off – as this feature will it for you!


Despite all the above, you wish to settle on an electric blanket that feels snug for your kid to lay on. Time has passed wherever heated blankets are created exploitation thick and uncomfortable wiring, however, the method that they are manufactured will influence however snug they are to sleep on. Our wish comfortable electric blanket is created with richly fleece for the warmest night’s sleep, creating it super snug to lay on prime of. With sleep being very necessary for kids to own, it is smart that their electric blanket ought to be super convenient and comforting to sleep on prime of – good for the cold winter nights!

Bottom Line

Electric blankets are safe for kids, but we will conclude this topic with some suggestions that always use electrical blankets that have approved safety features, and if your baby has some major health issues we suggest you ask your family doctor before using an electric blanket for him or her.


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