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First Birthday Party Games – Classic Fun is the Way to Go

First Birthday Party Games

If your party is going to be including a lot of children on the guest list then you will want to be sure to plan some games to keep them entertained. When it comes to planning First Birthday party games, there is no need to make yourself crazy trying to come up with kid-friendly ideas.

Tried and true party game classics are a good place to start. Remember, it is more than likely that the guest of honor will probably not be too involved when it comes to playing the party games so keep the other guests in mind when making your 1st Birthday party game selections!

Pin the tail on the donkey

 A tried and true classic and easy for children of every age to play, Pin the Tail on the Donkey is a great option for a first birthday party game.


Another great party game for children. Stuff a pinata with candy, small toys, etc. Blindfold children one at a time and have them take a whack at it with a stick. It is best to start with the smallest children first. 

You may even want to let the guest of honor take a swing at the pinata. Be sure to give each child a small party bag beforehand so that they can gather their loot in it when the pinata breaks.

Musical Chairs

A party classic. Put chairs in a circle, facing out. Have exactly one less chair than children are participating. Start the music and have the children walk around the circle of chairs. 

When the music stops, the child that doesn’t get to a chair in time is eliminated from the game. Remove another chair and continue the game until there is only one child left.

Scavenger Hunt

Set up a scavenger hunt in your house or yard. Give the children a list of five or ten items they need to find. If you have a lot of small children participating, you can use pictures on the list instead of words or have an adult assist them in reading their list. Have them hunt for things like a leaf, a rock, a shamrock, etc. 

If you are doing it inside the house, you might want to “plant” objects randomly around the house for them to find. The first party guest to find all the objects on their list wins.

Notes: You can have all the children hunt for the same list of objects or you can make a bunch of lists with different objects on each of them.

Pick a Duck

A variation of the popular carnival game, this is a simple and fun game that even really small children can participate in. Fill a bowl with water and then place a dozen or so small rubber ducks in the bowl.

Before placing the ducks in the bowl, mark a pre-determined amount of them on the bottom with a star or some other marking If you want to make the game a little easier mark half the ducks. If you want it to be a little harder….mark just a few. Have the children pick a duck from the water. If they pick a marked duck, they win a small prize.


Always fun and good for a laugh. Start the limbo pole high and let the children (and adults if they want!) take turns going under. 

Keep lowering it until there is only one participant left. Then crown them the Limbo King or Queen! If you are having an outdoor First Birthday Party and it is a warm day, you could also do water limbo.

Potato Sack Races

Children wear potato sacks over their legs and race to the finish line by hopping.

Obstacle Course

Set up a small obstacle course in your yard and have the children take turns navigating it.  Time each child and the one to complete the course in the quickest time is the winner.

Three-Legged Races

 Another great classic that children love.  Have children partner up and then standing side by side, tie their inner legs together.  They must work together to get to the finish line the quickest with their three legs. 

A Couple of Memory Creating First Birthday Party Activities

Not so many games but here are a couple of First Birthday Party Activities you could have your guests participate in to help create some memories for your baby:

A Letter to Baby in the Future

When I mailed out my son’s first birthday invitations, I asked all the guests to write him a letter that I could put in his time capsule and bring it to the party with them. 

I also told them to write about anything that they wanted him to know about themselves, himself, his parents, or other members of the family. The response was great. Everyone thought it was a great idea and my son has a time capsule full of letters sealed and waiting to be opened on his 21st birthday.  Some guests even included some photographs with their letters.

A Guest Created First Birthday Party Scrapbook

This is another great memory keepsake idea. My sister did something similar at my baby shower and it turned out beautifully. Have everyone create a scrapbook page for the guest of honor. 

Then take a photo of the birthday boy or girl with each guest. When you develop or print out the photos, you can add them to the page created by that guest. Then put all the pages 

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