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First Birthday Party Ideas to Help You Plan Baby’s 1st Birthday Bash

Looking for some First Birthday Party Ideas? It probably seems like just yesterday you were bringing your little bundle of joy home from the hospital and now you find yourself busily planning a first birthday party.

First Birthday Party Ideas has all the ideas and tips you need to help plan your baby‘s birthday bash….from picking out the invitations to planning the menu!

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The Nine Steps for Planning Baby’s First Birthday Party

  • Themes – Find popular themes for a First Birthday Party and get tips on deciding on the right theme for your baby’s big day
  • Invitations – The first birthday party invitations you send out will not mark an important milestone in your baby’s life, they will also help set the tone for the birthday party! Find out what’s available and get ideas for the first birthday invitation wording.
  • Decorations – Need ideas for decorating for your first birthday party? We have lots of great ones!
  • Party Supplies – What’s a first birthday party without first birthday party supplies? Learn what’s available and where to find some great deals!
  • Food – Ahhh, the joys of planning a menu that pleases both adults and little ones just learning to use their new teeth! We have ideas for First Birthday Party Food that should please everyone.
  • Cake – The first birthday cake will probably be the highlight of the party for your little one, not to mention how it will make for some memorable photo opportunities! Find out more about picking out a first birthday cake.
  • Games and Activities– Get some ideas for first birthday party games and activities that will keep party guests of all ages entertained.
  • Favors – What’s a kid’s party without party favors, right?  So we have plenty of suggestions for great first birthday party favors
  • Entertainment – Need some entertainment ideas for your first birthday party?  Read our top five list of the best entertainment for a baby’s birthday bash.
  • Gifts – Can’t forget the best part, the party gifts!  Find plenty of ideas for baby’s first birthday gifts

Perfect First Birthday Party Invitations

The First Birthday Party Invitations are a very important aspect of the party and should not be overlooked. They will help set the tone for your celebration since it is the first thing the guests will see so a little time and thought should go into picking them. You have many options when it comes to first birthday party invitations:

Pre-made Invitations – You could get a package of pre-invitations that are sold at most major retail stores. This is the easiest and most affordable option. You can usually find pre-made invites that will match your first birthday theme.

Handmade Invitations – You could go to the craft supply store and buy card-making supplies to make your handmade party invitations. Some cardstock, gel pens, and decorative accents would probably do the trick. Or you could use photos of your baby to decorate the cards with. Get creative and have fun! This option will of course be a little more costly than buying pre-made packaged invitations but the results will surely leave your guests impressed.

Printed Invitations – You can design and print out your invitations on your computer. Or if you are like me and are completely ungifted in the photoshop and graphic design departments, you could hire someone to design them for you.

For my son’s first birthday, I bought photo invitations from a seller on eBay. She did a beautiful job and I think I ended up paying about $1 apiece for 5 X 7 photo invitations featuring a collage of pictures of him from his first year.

Some sellers will even create the invitations for you and then email the file to you so you can the invitations out print yourself at your local photo lab. Again, if you have some photoshop knowledge, you can easily create your own on the computer.

First Birthday Party Invitation Wording Ideas

If you are planning to make your invitations here are some wording ideas for you:

A Year of Learning, Growing, and Fun

Please Join Us as Our Baby Turns One!

(Baby’s Name) is Turning One

We Hope You’ll Come and Join the Fun!

12 Months Have Passed,

It’s Been Lots of Fun….

Come Celebrate With Us As

(Baby’s Name) Turns One!

Time sure flies when I’m having fun,

Come to my party, I’m turning one!

More First Birthday Party Invitations Tips

Be sure to order an extra invitation so that you have one to place in your baby’s memory book or time capsule

Mail invitations out four-six weeks in advance. This gives your party guests enough notice but isn’t so far in advance that they may forget once the party draws near.

Decide if you want guests to RSVP or not. If you do, give them a date to RSVP by. Having guests RSVP is helpful if you want an accurate headcount for ordering food, buying party supplies, planning favors, etc.

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