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Kitchen hood cleaning .. easy steps.

Kitchen hood cleaning

Kitchen Hood an important appliance in the kitchen we usually ignore when we clean the other appliances in the kitchen, I think kitchen hood cleaning should be followed at a proper schedule to avoid smoke blockage due to greasy exhaust fan filter, no need to clean that daily- just a monthly check-up is enough.

So today we are going to discuss cleaning the kitchen hood, that how you can clean that easily without using anything harmful to your health.  when I was cleaning my range hood I tried dish soap and that didn’t work that way, I tried “goo gone”, a really good gunk grease remover, but that didn’t work that well either I used hot water I blasted it with the black hose attachment, none of that worked at all, but finally, I came to the point that worked and I will share that with you below.

The things you need.

  1. Dishwasher detergent
  2. A magic eraser or kitchen cloth
  3. Scrubbing brush
  4. Hot water

the first thing you want to do is remove the cover, which breaks easily if you have an older one it might be quite brittle, remove it gently especially the little blobby things, the light bulb, detach the filter from the range hood.

Put it in the sink or you may dip it into a bucket of hot water, pour some dishwasher detergent on it, dishwashing detergent probably any kind any brand would work on this it’s concentrated I believe with just regular off-the-shelf dishwasher detergent, the nice thing about it’s not caustic you can get it on your hands I don’t think it matters it’s cheap there are no fumes or anything, we already have in our kitchens, use a scrub brush to smear it on with detergent, let it sit for 10-20 minutes, this may take two or three applications depending on how greasy your filter is and how much comes off on your first try. The more gunked and caked up, the more time you need to clean dust grease.

Now you have to give the top part of the stove a little wipe to grooves, nasty grease, stains, or dead bugs that hold, so give it away.

Soak the magic eraser and put some detergent on it, if you don’t have a magic eraser at home you may use kitchen cloth I am sure that work perfect, magic erasers from what I understand are made of recycled plastic so I think that they are not eco-unfriendly, I want to give you a couple of options because I know some people are concerned about using products aren’t entirely natural, so you know what this is all coming off fairly easy both methods awesome and I think the kitchen cloth will also work wonderfully for cleaning the surface of your kitchen hood, whatever you choose just scrub the residue surface with a kitchen cloth or magic eraser that is dipped in the detergent, clean from the top down and underneath the hood, then give a final wipe to get rid of all the soap suds and anything that is left over, be careful on the little ledge or the lip of your stove hood because that can be sharp sometimes.

Now let’s go back to the bucket of hot water to check the filter, take it and put it in the sink, spray down with the hose, spray from the back for the front with hot water just to see what comes off. if you think that the accumulation is now cleaned enough, you do not need to dip that again and wait more time, but if needs you will have to repeat the process.

So that gives it a quick little wipe for a fresh look, and you have to leave that out for a long time make sure it’s good and dry just don’t stick it back in there and electrocute yourself that’s just not cool.

Replace the light cover without breaking it, you have to be gentle now put the light bulb back, put the fan cover.

just take a nice dry cloth and give it a nice shine when you’re all finished it’s a lot cleaner and if you have an old one like mine it’s not maybe going to come perfect but it’s certainly a lot better.

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