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kitchen Themes

Cooking is an essential part of giving different tastes to the daily foods we cook at home, but cooking can sometimes be so boring if the cooking area is not maintained well. Yes, the kitchen should be decorated according to your desired kitchen themes if you want your cooking job interesting and joyful. in this article, I will discuss different tips on kitchen themes that will make it easy to decide how to decorate your kitchen.

French Kitchen Designs

French kitchen design ideas are going to be quite subdued and elegant. You don’t have to even have the Eiffel tower in your room. Instead, look for really rich wood tones to create an expensive feeling with your kitchen themes.

For your cabinet choices in this space, they need to be dramatic even if it’s just a shaker-style look. This means rich cherry wood tones or just a basic black painted finish. You also want lots of carvings and molding at least on your kitchen island.

This is one of the few styles that are all about opulence so play it up. A fleur de Lis is a classic French shape and you can even find iron knob versions of this to add character to your cupboards. Tie in the black with granite countertops and add balance to the room with white walls. Bring in crystal chandeliers and toile curtains to finish the room off.

Cherry Kitchen Themes

Basing kitchen themes on an entire fruit bowl is pretty much out right now. Instead, you just want to find themes that are based on one specific fruit for a retro or modern look. You won’t find these on wallpaper borders which is perfect because this style is a little bit passee.

To base your room on a cherry you first might think of red walls but this can be a disaster. It takes a lot of coats of paint to get an even red finish. It also tends to overpower rooms and make them feel smaller. Instead, go with a retro design. You could use red vinyl on the seats of a chrome dinette set. Bring in colorful cherry patterned curtains that have a bright turquoise background.

Keep the rest of your room white for more of a contemporary look. Decorate with chrome or stainless steel canisters and lighting to complete your room.

Lime Kitchen Themes

It makes perfect sense to decorate your kitchen themes around food. This way all of your fruit and vegetables can be displayed as accessories that you can eat later on. However, there is a slight tendency for this to be pretty cliche so you need to be inventive.

Lime green can be a pretty powerful color for the walls. Instead, just try this tone on your island or table and chairs set. Then glaze it to tone it down. Display real limes on cutting boards or in baskets.

Skip glass canisters for this look which seems too modern even though apothecary jars are quite popular. Instead, you can just go with wire or wicker baskets. Keep the walls white. This adds a farmhouse feel but the lime gives the room lots of personalities.

You can also go with more of a modern effect and just paint the area where your backsplash would be in this color. You could even use a wall stencil to mimic handpainted tile in these tones, but it won’t be as easy to clean even though it is cheaper.

Orange Kitchen Themes

Orange kitchen themes don’t have to scare you off. It’s a very modern and cheerful color when used correctly. Sure, when it’s used incorrectly it tends to be blinding and a huge disaster. Here is how to use orange in the right way.

You must skip this as a wall color. It’s just too strong. Instead, go with a contemporary look with white cabinets and stainless steel appliances. Look for high gloss flat panel cabinets.

You can also go with these with an orange lacquered effect if you’re committed to this color. However, choose finishes that are easy to change out so that you can get a more neutral look when you go to sell your home.

A little bit of this color pops in a white room. This is a tone that we see a lot on pendant lights right now. You can also carry it throughout your room just by taking photographs of real oranges to get your actual inspiration in the space.

Lemon Kitchen Themes

Lemon kitchen themes don’t have to equal sickly wall colors. Instead, it can be a vibrant space where this is a small accent or your entire color palette.

This color can even look quite classy which is usually something that you probably don’t think a lot of when you pick this color. Start with either a marble or a stone countertop.

Laminate is just going to be too disjointed or retro for this purpose. Then go with a classic black and white checked floor. Traditionally you would use white cabinets and yellow walls. Instead, reverse this. You can also use a taupe or even gray walls depending on how muted you want the room to be.

You’ll need to put a glaze over the cabinets to tone this down. Also, look for a stone with gold flecks in it to coordinate with this warm color. Antique brass ceiling tiles or backsplashes finish off the elegant look.

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