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Painting over oil based paint

Painting over oil based paint

Improvement of an object or area is recognized as the basic factor of lifestyle, one of the easiest ways to improve decorations is painting. This is less expensive than wallpapers and rolls or paneling, but just a minute, that does not always a dream come true, if your house is painted with oil paint and you want to switch the type of your house paint. you should read this article before you want to paint over oil based paint.

First of all, you need to determine if your paint on the wall, the trim, the ceiling is oil-based paint or water-based latex, oil-based paint was so popular back in the early ‘80s. According to the U.S. consumer product safety commission, if your house is old enough, it may have an oil-based paint, water-based latex is a comparatively new arrival in the market. Many homeowners do not use oil-based paint, there are reasons they avoid using oil paint anymore: it emits a host of VOCs (volatile Organic Content) and that is harmful to the environment.  

But for a better outcome you should follow the alcohol test:

Mix warm water in a light detergent and gently wash a specific area of paint, now dry it with a clean towel, now finally soak a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol and rub on that specific area you have already washed with detergent. If the paint comes off that is water-based latex, otherwise oil-based paint.

Water-based latex over oil based paint.

Painting over oil based paint

If you chose to paint over oil-based paint with water-based latex, you have to ensure the best outcome with some important steps that are all about surface preparation. You must not use water-based latex directly onto the oil-based paint, that will not cure when applied over the oil-paint layer and that never give you a long-lasting result, but cracks, bubbles, and peels.

TSP Solutions

TSP has been ban for most home improvement-related projects in some countries, some manufacturers use TSP substitutes, that come in liquid form for easier solutions with water and work comparable to TSP. But if you still want to use TSP, just be safe this is toxic and may cause severe eye damage and skin irritation, wear suitable clothing, eye protection, and waterproof gloves.

TSP (Trisodium phosphate) is a strong cleaning chemical normally used for thinning, that varies from ½ cup TSP to 2 gallons of warm water for heavy-duty to 1 cup TSP to 3 quarters warm water for ridiculously heavy-duty cleaning.

Before using TSP solution scrape off any paint that is actively peeling off. Sand all of the loose paint well, and make sure that anything loose, peeling, scratched is removed.  Mix ¼ cups (read the manufacturer’s mixing ratio first) of TSP with a gallon of warm water, soak a bath sponge into the TSP solution, squeeze it dry and move the damp sponge in broad strokes to remove the worst of the debris. Repeat this, the more frequent, the better.

For a hard coating, de-gloss the surface with sandpaper or an electric sander to create an improved stackable profile, scuff up the surface, so the new paint adheres well.

Prime it

Primer is essentially sticky and designed to adhere well that provides a consistent base for topcoats of paints. You may paint without priming but you will need a coat after coat for adequate coverage and the paint may not stick to as well to the original surface as it would to the primer. We prefer to add an extra layer of insurance that the new paint will bond to the oil by a coat of bonding primer that is appropriate to the situation that you are working in. apply two coats before painting over oil-based paint, and let it dry according to the product directions.

Apply latex over oil based paint

The choice is yours, if painting with a roller, brush, or paint spray, but apply at least two coats of high-quality latex or acrylic-based paint over the prepared surface coated with primer. Provide a specific time between each coat that will let the first coat dry properly, better to read the manufacturer’s directions on the product first.   

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