What dog type is best for you | list of dog breeds with pictures

What dog type is best for you

Any dog ​​is cute, but the ease of keeping it varies greatly depending on the dog type. If we talk about the popularity of a dog, this is not easy to decide.

If Labrador Retriever is a popular dog in the U.S., it does not mean that Shepherd is not popular in Germany or a French bulldog in France.

I am going to overview different dogs from different regions of the world according to characteristics and precautions before keeping a dog.

The Labrador Retriever

Labrador retriever

The Labrador Retriever is one of the most bred dogs in the world as a staple of large dogs. Its soft look and fluffy look heal and relax what you see.

What is the character of a Labrador retriever?

This dog type have a very gentle and gentle personality, as you can see from their involvement in helping people, such as service dogs and guide dogs. So be careful as even large dogs can’t be guard dogs.

High learning ability is also a characteristic of this child, and if properly trained, he will grow up to be a very smart partner. It is also recommended to raise them together as a playmate for children.

Precautions when keeping a Labrador retriever.

The Labrador Retriever is a tough child who is resistant to illness, so there aren’t many points to be aware of, but since it is powerful, be sure to train it from a young age so that you don’t get a biting habit. If an adult Labrador retriever bites a person while playing, it can be a big deal.

Also, since large bodies are easy to get dirty and are not suitable for damage from parasites, brush and shampoo should be done on a regular basis.

German Shepherd

 shepherd dog

The shepherd is a large dog native to Germany, and some males weigh more than 30 kilograms. He is strong and strong enough to be used as a service dog or rescue dog, so if he becomes a member of the family as a pet, he will be a reliable partner.

What is the character of the German shepherd?

This dog type very smart and very loyal to their leaders, but if they don’t recognize their owners as leaders, their cleverness can lead to behavioral problems without even hearing anything.

Such behavior is dangerous because of its large body, and it is dangerous if a beginner fails to keep it and discipline it. If your family or neighbors are bitten, it will be a big deal.

Therefore, shepherds should be kept only by those who are familiar with dog breeding.

Precautions when keeping a German shepherd.

Shepherds are strong dogs that are resistant to illness, but their lifespan is short, about 12 to 14 years, so be careful. This is not something that you can stretch with your daily mind, and it is unavoidable to build your body, so you should start keeping it after understanding that.

Bernese Mountain

Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a cute dog with distinctive sagging ears and a charming expression. The doll-like appearance is popular in Japan, and the number of dolls is increasing year by year.

It can be said that it is suitable for indoor breeding because its body length does not grow so large and it rarely makes loud noises.

What is the character of Bernese Mountain Dog?

Bernese Mountain Dog is very friendly, smart, and loyal. Therefore, if you keep it firmly in your puppy, you will grow up to be a good puppy who can keep it without causing problems even when you grow up.

Since it is highly social with other dogs and cats, it is okay to keep multiple dogs, and it can be said that it is the best dog for those who keep dogs for the first time.

Things to keep in mind when keeping a Bernese Mountain Dog.

This dog type is a dog that is resistant to illness and has a long lifespan, so there are no major precautions, but if you do not go for a long walk, stress will build up and the risk of illness due to it will increase.

So if you have a Bernese Mountain Dog, make sure you have enough time to walk twice a day before you keep it.

French Bulldog

 French Bulldog

The most distinctive feature of the French Bulldog is that it has a wrinkled look like a yakuza. Although he likes and dislikes his face like a stubborn father, he is very popular because of his unique appearance.

The size is suitable for indoor breeding, and even if it weighs a lot, it weighs only about 10 kg, so you can rest assured. 

However, some children eat a lot and the risk of obesity is unexpectedly high, so be careful not to feed too much.

What is the character of the French Bulldog?

This dog type is a dog that has a fairly stubborn side, as it looks. It’s not as big as a big bulldog, but it can be awkward.

However, if the owner acts well as a leader, the puppy will follow him obediently, so good discipline among the puppies becomes especially important.

Precautions when keeping a French Bulldog.

The French Bulldog, despite its tough appearance, is a bit vulnerable to illness, especially at high risk of respiratory illness. This is a genetic property, not something that can be prevented by daily efforts, so it will be important to focus on early detection.

Also, since there are places that are vulnerable to heat, leave the air conditioner on when you leave your answering machine in the summer.

Chihuahua : Mexican dog type


Chihuahuas are known as the most popular small dogs in Japan, with small bodies, elegant long hair, patchy eyes, and large ears. Many people think of this child when they think of a small dog.

What is Chihuahua’s personality?

Chihuahua is a dog type very sweet and obedient to their owners. However, it is also true that many Chihuahuas are selfish and selfish because many owners are too spoiled. I know it’s cute, but let’s first understand the rules of being a member of the family.

Small Chihuahuas are very shy and timid, so it can be hard to bark in a busy home. I want to get used to strangers from a young age so that they will not have a barking habit.

Precautions when keeping a chihuahua.

Many owners think that running around in the house is enough because Chihuahuas are small, but that does not relieve stress as well as the amount of exercise, so daily walks are essential. I want to do it.

If you pay attention to stress and obesity, you will be able to keep up with your health for a long time because you are a child who is resistant to illness and has a long life.

The Doberman


The Doberman is a German-born medium-sized dog type with beautiful short hair that shines with a strong body. It is also used as a military dog, police dog, and drug dog, and its physical ability and intelligence are at the top level among all dogs.

What is Doberman’s personality?

Dobermans are clever and often listen to their owners, so they are easy to discipline, but their vigilance and aggression can cause harm to others. Therefore, when breeding, it is necessary to train with solid specialized knowledge.

However, there are some places that are friendly and sweet, so when you start keeping them, you will be hit by the gap.

Precautions when keeping a Doberman.

Dobermans need a great deal of exercise to maintain their muscular body. It is necessary to take a walk for a long time at a fast pace, and it can be said that not only knowledge but also physical strength is required.

Failure to do this not only increases the risk of obesity but also leads to stress due to lack of exercise and the resulting illness.


Spitz dog

Spitz is a small dog type born in Siberia with cute white and fluffy hair. Since it is small, there is no problem even if it is kept indoors, and above all, its stuffed toy appearance is popular, and the number of animals in Japan is steadily increasing.

Since it looks like this and has a history as a guard dog, it also has the ability to run around quickly, so I would like to secure a fairly large space.

What is Spitz’s personality?

Spitz is a dog that is obedient to its owner and easy to raise but tends to be cautious of strangers, and many children bark in vain. That’s why discipline from a young age becomes important.

There is a strong fear of the outside world, which is unique to small dogs, so I want to raise it into a quiet dog by removing it well.

Precautions when keeping Spitz.

Since Spitz is small, you may think that it is enough to exercise at home, but it will cause stress, so be sure to take it for a walk every day.

Sometimes, letting them play as much as they want with a dog run will be an important factor in raising a good child.

The Corgi

corgi dog

The corgi was originally a sheepdog, and its characteristics are its short legs and long torso. Just seeing them walking and running with this figure should be cute and healed.

He loves exercising for his appearance and has the characteristic of being easy to bark, which is unique to sheepdogs.

What is Corgi’s personality?

Corgi is known as a very smart dog type, and if you tell him what’s good and what’s bad, he can cure his barking and biting habits, so even first-time dog owners can keep it with confidence.

Be careful because you have a gentle personality and a sweetheart, and if you don’t take a proper skinship, you will get stressed.

Precautions when keeping a corgi.

Corgi is a dog who loves to exercise, so I want to take a 30-minute walk twice a day. Failure to do this not only increases the risk of obesity but also leads to stress due to lack of exercise and the resulting illness.

Another characteristic of dogs with a long torso is that they are susceptible to hernias. So avoid strong exercises such as sprinting and jumping on older Corgis and show them to your vet immediately if something goes wrong.



The Pomeranian is a popular small dog type that looks like a small stuffed animal. The hair is bushy, long, and shiny, and the tight eyes and small legs are really lovely.

A small Pomeranian weighs only about 2 kg when grown, so it is very easy to keep indoors.

What is the character of Pomeranian?

The Pomeranian has a friendly and gentle personality and is very curious, so you won’t get tired of watching it. It’s easy to train, so even beginners can rest assured.

However, there are places where barking tends to be wasteful, so I would like to thoroughly discipline considering the neighborhood. Basically, the trick is to completely ignore the dog when barking.

Precautions when keeping a Pomeranian.

Many owners of Pomeranians tend to spoil them because of their cute appearance, but this is not good for their families and dogs, so be sure to discipline them responsibly.

As long as you train properly, you should be able to spend a long time as a family because you are resistant to illness and have a long life.

The Tibetan Spaniel

Tibetan Spaniel dog

As the name suggests, the Tibetan Spaniel is a small dog type that was popular in Tibet, and its length is about 7 kg at most, so it is just right for indoor breeding. The dog is also familiar to the Dalai Lama and is often bred in monasteries.

Characterized by long fluffy hair and large drooping ears and tail, it will also feel noble.

What is the character of the Tibetan Spaniel?

Tibetan Spaniel is so mood that he is called a cat-like dog, and he runs around with him when he plays with his owner, but he usually wants him to be left alone. This is a rare feature among small dogs.

It is said that it is sometimes used as a guard dog because it has intense emotions and behaves with a resolute attitude toward strangers.

Precautions when keeping Tibetan Spaniel

The Tibetan Spaniel is a slightly unusual dog, so I’d like to train it firmly in my puppy so that I can adapt to the situation around me. If you are not confident in this, it may be better to have another dog.

Also, because it is a dog raised in Tibet, it is very vulnerable to the heat of summer. Therefore, it is necessary to take measures such as leaving the air conditioner on when leaving the answering machine.

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